Conard Logistics Installs Solar Awning

Published July 27, 2016

Conard Logistics recently invested in 50kW. Part of the array consists of a highly visible solar awning across the front of their building.
Conard Logistics recently invested in 50kW solar system. Part of the array consists of a highly visible solar awning across the front of their building.

Located in LaVergne, Tennessee, Conard Logistics is a third-party logistics (3pl) company founded in 1983 by CEO, Joe Conard. Starting as a sales agency, it evolved into a full transportation and warehouse brokerage company – the first of its kind in Tennessee. Conard Logistics’ partnerships with a large number of Middle Tennessee carriers has made the company a valuable asset to local manufacturers and distributors.

As he strives to make his business as financially sustainable as possible, Joe Conard is also a grandfather and a firm believer in saving the environment for future generations.

“I believe that anything I can do to help the environment needs to be done,” says Joe Conard.

That’s why the environmental impacts of installing solar on his business were his biggest motivation. Joe has been driving a Tesla for the last two years and says it is the best car he ever owned. Now, he can charge his Tesla at his place of business using solar energy, further reducing his emissions.

Conard Logistics installed both a solar awning on the front of the building and a roof mounted solar array. In the past Joe had installed regular cloth awnings on his buildings to provide shade for the building and for his workers during breaks outside. Those cloth awnings did not prove to be durable over time, and it was costly to repair and replace them periodically. After seeing the solar awning on the front of the LightWave Solar office, Joe decided he wanted to include one in his installation knowing that a solar awning would be more durable and cost effective over time . In addition, the solar awning is highly visible to customers and employees, and it adds more generation to his system overall.

The 50kW system is expected to generate 64,000 kWh and qualifies for the 30% federal investment tax credit and accelerated depreciation. Next week, LightWave Solar will commission the system with Nashville Electric Service and TVA.