Solar Spotlight: Dent Residence in Germantown, TN

Published June 1, 2017

Dent Residence

When Germantown, Tennessee, resident Daibhidh Dent noticed his neighbor’s new solar panels, he began to wonder if solar could work at his house. The neighbor encouraged Daibhidh to look into it, and luckily, Daibhidh had a great roof for solar – large, unobstructed, and east and west facing – and he had substantial electric bills.

“My electric bills in the winter were as high as $400-500,” says Dent. “I’m recently retired, so I was looking at solar as a way to reduce my monthly expenses.”

This summer LightWave Solar turned on Daibhidh’s 16.5 kilowatt system which consists of 61 solar panels, each with Solar Edge DC Optimizers that boost panel efficiency. The system will reduce his 2,400 sq.ft. home’s annual electric costs by over 75 percent.

“It’s been two months since the panels were installed, and so far I’ve racked up an electric bill credit of $97,” Dent says. “The credits will build up over the summer and help me pay for the winter bills,” he explains.

Solar credits roll over to the next month. Amount due: $-97.28!

This spring he caulked and sealed house leaks, added more attic insulation and installed a more efficient HVAC system. With these improvements, his winter consumption will be lower, allowing solar to cover a higher portion of his winter bills.

Daibhidh’s system participates in TVA’s 2017 Green Power Providers program in which TVA and the local utility buy 100% of his solar electricity at the retail rate for 20 years. View his latest electric bill to see how solar savings add up!

In addition to seeing solar kWh and revenue on his electric bills, Daibhidh can go online to view his daily, monthly and yearly solar generation. The SolarEdge monitoring site even shows that each solar panel is performing to its highest potential! To see the kiosk view of Daibhidh’s solar monitoring site, click here!


Snapshot of online monitoring system