Bid on a LightWave Solar system at Green Tie Affair

Published February 15, 2013

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LightWave Solar will install a 3.12 kW solar PV system to benefit the Tennessee Environmental Council. The system will be part of the live auction at the annual Green Tie Affair on Fri, March 22 from 7-11pm at University Club of Nashville.  Bidders have the chance to buy a completely installed solar PV system at a discounted price and support a worthy cause.

The installed 3.12 kW solar PV system is valued at $17,000. Bidding starts at $12,500.  What’s included:

  • 12 260w Suniva solar panels – Made in Georgia, USA!
  • One Power-One Aurora inverter
  • Uni-Rac Solar Mount racking system
  • All other required equipment, supplies, labor and coordination with utility to ensure fully functional, professionally installed solar PV system

System will generate about 4,000 kWh per year which amounts to about $750 per year at current electric utility rates through TVA Green Power Providers program.

  • -30% Federal Tax Credit will further reduce the cost!
  • $1,000 from TVA will be sent after system completion via your local utility.

GTALightwaveSolarArrayWeb2012-435x280 (250x161)If you are interested in attending Green Tie Affair and bidding on this system, please contact us so we can determine the suitability of your site. Free site consultation is included.  In addition, LightWave Solar will be available at Green Tie Affair to provide site consultations via satellite.

Site issues to consider:

  • A south facing roof will get optimum kWh production.  East and west facing roofs work well too if the pitch of the roof is not too steep and shading is minimal.  A site visit will allow for accurate production estimates.
  • Allow 300 square feet of unobstructed roof space for the solar panels.
  • Chimneys and dormers can create shading, so panels need to be situated away from those.
  • Tree shading needs to be minimal. Our site visit calculations will pin point exactly how much shading will occur.

Click here to visit Tennessee Environmental Council’s Green Tie event page.

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