Business Spotlight: Mountain Group Partners

Published April 6, 2016

Mountain Group Partners

Two months ago we flipped the switch on a 29 kilowatt solar array atop the Mountain Group Partners office in Nashville, Tennessee. Mountain Group Partners (MGP) is an investor dedicated to investing in and actively guiding transformational businesses in the Life Sciences and Technology sectors. We caught up with MGP Principal Joe Cook, III to ask him about his experience with solar.

LWS: Why did you invest in solar at your office?
JC: We are interested in the green aspects of solar energy, and we were satisfied with the long-term economic return on investment.

LWS: You have a system on your home as well, so did that influence your decision?
JC: Yes, my residential system has performed well, so my partners and I took a close look at the numbers and decided to do it here at the business.

LWS: How was your experience working with LightWave Solar?
JC: I experienced professionalism from everyone I encountered, particularly with the installers and the sales person. Your company is exceptional, easy to work with, and diligent. The experience was everything you would hope for, but don’t usually get.

LWS: What would you tell other business owners who are thinking about investing in solar?
JC: Everyone ought to look into it to see if it will work for them. And, it is more affordable than I had originally thought.

Mountain Group Partners Solar
The system consists of 110 solar panels (27 shown above) and will generate over $5,000 annually (10 year average).