Case study video: Solar + Storage in Brentwood, TN

Published August 13, 2018

LightWave Solar installed an 11kW grid-tied solar system for Greg Grant at his home in Brentwood, TN in 2015. At the time, Greg was interested in batteries, but we recommended he wait until storage technology improved. In Spring 2018, we added a new 5kW solar system with battery storage. The new system will further reduce his monthly electrical bill as well as provide backup power during grid outages.

“My initial system has been so good and efficient that I wanted to make it even better,” says Grant. “I wanted to do it while the tax incentives are still available,” he says.

Greg’s new system includes 16 SunPower solar panels, a StorEdge inverter and two LG Chem lithium-ion batteries. During a grid outage, the system will provide 16.7 kilowatt-hours of stored electricity which will be enough to power his refrigerator, internet, security system, outside lights, 2 outlets in his kitchen, and 3 outlets and a ceiling fan in his bedroom.

“I was a boy scout, so I’ve always tried to be as prepared as possible,” says Grant.

LightWave Solar installed an LG Chem Battery system for the Grant home.

Greg has 49 solar panels on his roof, and the photo above shows the inside of Greg’s garage. You can see two inverters on the right which are part of his original 11kW grid-tied solar system. The solar electricity generated by this system is sold to the grid as part of TVA’s Green Power Providers program. On the left he has two LG Chem lithium-ion batteries with a StorEdge inverter in the middle. This system provides his home with solar power during a grid outage. On a daily basis, Greg’s solar battery system reduces the amount of electricity he buys from the local power company. His electric use has increased this year since is charging his Prius Plug-in Hybrid car.

“I love the system,” Greg says. “LightWave did a precision installation job,” he adds.

Solar home in Brentwood TN
LightWave Solar installed 49 solar panels at the Grant Residence in Brentwood, TN