Clean Energy Credit Union for Residential Solar Loans

Published June 21, 2019

Clean Energy Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial services cooperative that’s focused solely on clean energy lending, including residential solar loans.

Based in Colorado, Clean Energy Credit Union is online-only, with no brick-and-mortar branch offices. Deposits earn interest, are federally insured, and are used exclusively to help other members pursue their clean energy projects. Coupled with low overhead and 501(c)(1) tax-exempt status, Clean Energy Credit Union offers some of the best loan terms in the country for solar electric systems, electric vehicles and green home improvements.

Clean Energy Credit Union offers both short term solar loans, which bridge the time between solar system installation and receiving the 30% federal tax credit, and long term 12-year solar loans to cover the remaining 70% of system cost. As of June 2019, fixed interest rates range from 5.25% to 6% for residential solar loans with automatic loan payments.

After talking to LightWave Solar and receiving a solar project estimate, homeowners can begin the residential solar loan application online at

Residential solar loans from Clean Energy Credit Union can include battery storage. Loans have no pre-payment penalties and low processing fee of $25 per loan. Maximum loan amount (short-term plus long-term loans) is $50,000 per member.

Learn more about Clean Energy Credit Union here, and get started on your solar project by contacting LightWave Solar!