First Annual Alternative Fueled Vehicle Showcase & Educational Tour March 12 & 26

Published March 1, 2013

The Tennessee Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow (AFVR) Tour opens March 12.  Green is becoming the new "green" in business transportation, as municipal and commercial transportation leaders are discovering that electric vehicles (EVs) and other alternatively fueled vehicles can have an immediate savings impact on their bottom line. The Roadshow aims to spread this message with a series of educational events. Vehicles ranging from the smallest EV to the largest trucks, and powered by various alternative fuels will be on display together, combined with a 2-hour seminar featuring about 10 speakers. A panel of experts will speak about the economic viability, safety and infrastructure behind each fuel type, to demonstrate how businesses and governments can transition to a more price-stable, lower maintenance, fleet-fuel mix.

LightWave Solar will be participating and speaking on how electric vehicles pair nicely with solar energy and covered parking.

Kingsport, TN – Tuesday, March 12 1-4 pm
AFVR Show -Tennessee Environmental Conference
Meadowview Conference Center

Nashville, TN – Tuesday, March 26 9am-12pm
Ed Jones Auditorium at Ellington Agricultural Center

The tour is being presented with Clean Cities Coalitions in the southeast and is free to attend, but registration is necessary. Click here for more information.