How To Get Started

Published December 29, 2010

Are you ready to move forward with a free solar assessment?

The process is simple.

· Give us a call or use the contact form.

· A certified solar consultant will call or email you to discuss your goals.

·The solar consultant will take a look at your facility from satellite and take measurements to determine budgetary pricing.

· If the site looks suitable, an appointment will be scheduled and on-site measurements will be taken.

· A proposal is submitted to you along with a contract agreement and utility interconnection agreements.

· Once you have decided to move ahead, you can sign the agreements and send the first payment for your system.

· At this point your communication will switch from a solar consultant to a project manager from our operations team.

· The project manager will work to gain utility approval and obtain required permits.

· Once permits are acquired and interconnection is approved, equipment is ordered and installation is scheduled. 

· After the system is fully installed, it is inspected and commissioned by TVA and your utility.

· Then, you can sit back and let the sun make electricity for decades to come!