Case study: IR-G invests in solar & energy efficiency to boost operations

Published February 23, 2018

IR-G, a leading distributor of industrial and hydraulic hoses, gaskets, sheet material, and sealing products, recently invested in solar panels to generate clean and renewable electricity at their Nashville, Tennessee, headquarters. LightWave Solar installed 151 rooftop solar panels totaling 50 kilowatts. The solar system will save the IR-G more than $7,000 annually, covering over 50 percent of their on-site electric use.

In 2016 IR-G moved to a facility that was twice the size of their former location. Before adding solar, they made several energy efficiency improvements such as LED and motion detection lighting and HVAC upgrades.

“We made these energy investments because we are a forward-thinking company,” says IR-G President Mark Fournier. “We can use the solar and efficiency savings to invest back into our employees,” he says.

To facilitate the projects, IR-G obtained 100 percent financing through Pathway Lending, a Tennessee lender who offers 2 percent interest loans for businesses doing solar energy and energy efficiency projects.

In addition to electric bill savings, IR-G’s solar system will reduce significant amounts of air pollution and carbon emissions. Over 25 years the avoided carbon emissions will be the equivalent to planting 1,200 acres of trees.

“Our industry is carbon intensive and involves plastics, rubber and other materials that can take a toll on the environment,” says Fournier. “Energy upgrades help us reduce our footprint and operate a better business,” he says.

IR-G can track solar generation on their monthly electric bills as well as through their online solar monitoring site. The website shows how much solar energy the system has generated, how much money has been saved and the environmental benefits.

IR-G has four Fronius solar inverters. Click here to view their solar generation and savings online!