Keg Springs Winery goes solar

Published November 11, 2015

What could be better than solar-powered wine? That’s what Keg Springs Winery owners, Mary, Gerald, Brian and Becky Hamm, wondered when they were considering a solar project at their vineyard and winery in Hampshire, TN. Once they ran the numbers, they decided to pull the cork!

Keg Springs Winery produces and sells wine on site, and they process over 40,000 gallons of wine annually, up from 2,000 gallons in 2003.

“Our expansion of the business saw a growth in production and upgrade in much of our equipment, as well as a growth in our electric bill,” says Brian Hamm. “We were looking for a way to reduce our electric bill and help our environment as well. Naturally, solar energy came to mind,” he says.

Their 31 kW system consists of 118 solar panels and covers about 75% of their annual electric costs. Keg Springs participates in TVA’s 2015 program in which TVA pays a 2 cent premium for 100% of solar electricity.

Keg Springs Winery obtained a project loan from First Farmers and Merchants Bank of Columbia.

“A solar loan is self-liquidating debt,” says Brian Hamm.  “In under two years, we will be cash flow positive,” he says.

Keg Springs hosts tours, tastings, picnics, concerts and more. Get directions and check out their wines.