Large solar project at former landfill

Published June 9, 2017

TheNews | Nashville Community Newspapers – June 7, 2017

The future has never been brighter for NES customers who want to buy solar energy but don’t have the roof for it.

This fall, the Nashville Electric Service (NES) will begin construction on a solar farm located in North Nashville on 10-acres once used as a landfill.

When construction begins, the two megawatt solar array installed by LightWave Solar is expected to be visible from the I-65 north and southbound lanes near Old Due West Avenue. Once completed, 5,966 panels will generate approximately 2.8 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, or enough to meet the average energy needs of 210 households.

NES president & CEO Decosta Jenkins said NES will play a key role increasing the number of options people have when making energy decisions.

“The Music City Solar project demonstrates the benefits of local partnerships to meet a growing interest in renewable power, and we are excited about increasing the amount of green energy in Middle Tennessee,” he said.

As construction kicks off in the coming months, NES will finalize program specifics and begin seeking interested customers.

“Community solar is a large solar-electric system that benefits multiple utility customers who decide to lease panels within the solar array,” NES Communications Supervisor Haurie Powell said. “It’s like a community garden, except you have a patch of panels instead of a patch of vegetables.”

According to Powell, less than twenty-five percent of Nashville roofs are suitable for solar panel installations.
The project is expected to start generating solar power by spring 2018.