Last year for TVA’s Green Power Providers program premium

Published November 10, 2015

TVA Green Power Providers ProgramMost of our commercial and residential solar customers participate in TVA’s Green Power Providers program in which TVA buys 100% of their solar electricity for 20 years.  For new solar system owners who get into TVA’s 2015 program, TVA will pay a 2 cent premium (2 cents above retail rate) for solar electricity for the first 10 years. For years 11-20, TVA will pay system owners the retail rate.

2015 is the last year to lock in these premium payments for solar. TVA’s deadline to apply for the 2015 Green Power Providers program is November 18. In order to submit the Participation Agreement Request form by Nov. 18, which locks in the 2 cent premium rate, the application must begin by November 13 (or November 16, depending on how quickly the local utility can work to approve the Capacity Reservation Request form).

Next year, TVA announced they will pay the retail rate only. TVA Green Power Providers program website shows current program status and availability.

LightWave Solar can help you get into TVA’s 2015 program and lock in the 2 cent premium for the next 10 years.  Contact us to begin the application process.