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LightWave Solar has helped hundreds of businesses upgrade their facilities with solar. You can rely on our commercial and industrial solar expertise for turnkey installations, from roof-mounted arrays to ground-mounted arrays, as well as highly-visible solar parking canopies.

Climb Nashville Solar

Roof Mount

Climb Nashville 50kW

I loved working with LightWave and would highly recommend them to any small business owner!
– Lance Brock, Co-owner

Ground Mount

Life Data Labs 282KW
This solar power plant is the next innovative step to improve the efficiency of our manufacturing process. – Dr Frank Gravlee, Founder

Nissan Solar Parking Canopy

Parking Canopy

Nissan Parking Canopies

These solar-assisted EV charging stations demonstrate our dedication to a zero-emissions society. – Carlos Tavares, former Chairman

LightWave Solar provides thorough site analysis, custom options, and detailed financial data to create your commercial solar proposal.

Financial Incentives

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The IRS offers two tax incentives for commercial and industrial solar projects. Taken together, they can reduce solar project costs by about 46% within the first year!

26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is available for commercial solar systems. The tax credit amount is uncapped and equal to 26% of total solar project cost. For projects started in 2023, the tax credit drops to 22%.

Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) is a method of depreciation in which a business’s investments in solar property can be recovered through tax deductions. MACRS benefits can be taken all in the first year of system operation and equal up to about 20% of total solar project cost.


USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) Grant covers up to 25% of total solar system cost for agricultural producers located in any area and small businesses located in rural areas.

  • The next grant application deadline is March 31, 2021.

  • LightWave Solar assembles the application for you.

  • Our grant approval track record is 98%!

  • Please contact us for eligibility details.

Our Process

  • Contact us for your project consultation. Then, we can provide a preliminary proposal which includes your estimated total project cost, federal tax benefits, estimated energy savings, environmental benefits & a project sketch. We will also review your financing options.
  • If your preliminary proposal looks acceptable, we will schedule and complete a site visit to confirm our measurements.
  • Once we have verified site details, we will present your formal proposal with system output, warranties, incentives and firm contract price.
  • Once you sign your contract and provide your first deposit for permitting and equipment, our in-house design team submits utility paperwork, obtains necessary permits and designs the most efficient solar PV system.
  • Our project management team will reach out to you to schedule a timeframe to install your solar system, coordinating all required inspections and commissioning.
Call to Discuss

Tip: Gather past electric bill history for your location(s).

Why our clients choose us:

  • Over 60MW of solar PV systems installed

  • 15 years of high performing solar systems and happy clients

  • 5 NABCEP-certified Solar PV Professionals on staff, more than any other company in the Southeast

  • Staff of electrical and mechanical engineers with over 75 years of combined solar experience

  • Founding member of Amicus Solar Cooperative and Amicus O&M Cooperative

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A+ Storage 50kW
Alexander’s Climate Controlled Storage 59kW
Ansbach Artisans 10kW
Ansbach Artisans Commercial Solar in Franklin, TN
Apollo Middle School 26kW
Arkansas State University 739kW
Arkansas State University solar
Arlington Climate Controlled Storage 95kW
Armistead Farms 50kW
Army National Guard Nashville 107kW
Army National Guard Solar Parking in Nashville
Army National Guard Smyrna 105kW
Arnold Farm 50kW
Art Center of Cannon Co. 30kW
The Arts Center of Cannon County solar
Austin Peay State University 9kW
Automann Illinois 500kW
Automann Illinois
Automation Nth 50kW
Automation Nth Solar Panel System
Bailey Company 26kW
Bailey Company 63kW
BC Storage 50kW
BC Storage Solar
Bellevue Ice Rink 150kW
BGS Storage 200kW at 4 sites
Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN 2.4MW
Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN 619kW
BNA Nashville Airport 60kW
BNA Solar
BNA Nashville Airport Parking Canopy 10kW
BNA Solar Parking Canopy
Breeden’s Orchard 50kW
Caldwell Travel 12kW
Commercial Solar
CCA 30kW
Cellar 53 Winery 19kW
Circle Star Woods 8kW
Citizens Bank Trust Rutledge 50kW
City Square Shopping Center 118kW
City Square Shopping Center Parking 50kW
City Square Shopping Center Parking 50kW
City Square Shopping Center Parking 50kW
City Square Shopping Center Solar
Clarksville Airport 15kW
Clarksville Medical Arts Building 48kW
Climb Nashville 50kW
Climb Nashville Solar
Collins Farm 10kW
Commerce Union Bank 21kW
Conard Logistics 50kW
Consolidated Mill Supplies 63kW
Corn Silk Farms 50kW
Dabbs Mini Storage 22kW
David Lyons Law 7kW
dbV Rentals 40kW
Commercial Solar Installation in Nashville, TN
Delta Convenient Care 42kW
Delta Convenient Care 50kW
Delvin Farms 10kW
Delvin Farms Solar
Delvin Farms 22kW
DirectFX 114kW
MS Solar
Dirt Dawg Nursery 10kW
Duck River EMC 25kW
Eco Plaza Truck Stop 35kW
Elam Farm 10kW
LightWave Solar at Elam Farms
Elizabethton Vet Clinic 13kW
Ensworth High School 50kW
Ensworth High School Solar
Family Health Group 8kW
Farm Excavating 14kW
Fed Ex 186kW
Firestone Tire Center 8kW
First Congregational Church 4.5kW
Five Points Property – Starbucks 14kW
Five Points Property – Starbucks 14kW
Five Star Retreat 30kW
Five Star Retreat Solar Lodge
Flash Technology 29kW
Food City 51kW
Ford Roofing 18kW
Franke Foods 51kW
Freeman Webb 11kW
Ft. Campbell, KY 64kW
Gallatin Mini Storage 40kW
Commercial Solar Installation in Gallatin, Tennessee
Goodwill Industries of Middle TN I – 200kW
Goodwill Industries of Middle TN II – 200kW
Green Acres Part Deux 35kW
Greenhouse Kits Go Green 8kW
Grindstone Green Energy 17kW
GroWild 26kW
H&H Design 35kW
Hardscuffle Farm 29kW
Heard Farm 10kW
Hickman County Admin Building 39kW
Hickman County Detention Center 50kW
Hickman County Justice Center 50kW
Horse Corner Saddles 10kW
Hughes Farm 10kW
I-24 Welcome Center in Chattanooga 5kW
Ideal Veterinary Hospital 25kW
Solar Installation in rural Tn
Illinois Forge Company 1.2MW
Interstate Packaging 300kW
IR-G 50kW
Jefferson County, AR 176kW
John A Logan College 2MW
Keg Springs Winery 31kW
Keg Springs Winery Solar
Knox County 5MW at 13 sites
Solar installer at A L Lotts Elementary in Knoxville, TN
Knoxville County School 315kW
Knoxville County Schools 315kW
Knoxville County School II 295kW
Knoxville County School II 295kW
Knoxville County School III 271kW
Knoxville County School III 271kW
Knoxville County School IV 259kW
Solar installation at Powell Middle School in Knoxville, TN
LB Processors 50kW
Legacy Hill Dentistry 10kW
Life Data Labs 282kW
Lifeline Foods 29kW
LightWave Solar Awning 9kW
LightWave Solar Roof 11kW
Little Seed Farm 23kW
Lynna Than Farm 12kW
Mail Order Catalog 60kW
Mallory Station Storage
Mallory Station Storage I 60kW
Mallory Station Storage II 60kW
Mallory Station Storage III 140kW
Mallory Station Storage IV 144kW
Mallory Station Storage V 60kW
Mellow Mushroom Knoxville 5kW
Metro Nashville Detention Facility 30kW
Metro Nashville Firehouse #30 18kW
Metro Nashville Firehouse #31 9kW
Metro Nashville Firehouse #33 8kW
Metro Nashville Howard Office Building 29kW
Metro Nashville Police HQ 302kW
Middle Tennessee State University 8kW
Midtown Vault 50kW
Mitchellville Welcome Center 5kW
Music City Center 211kW
Nacarato Volvo Trucks I 50kW
Nacarato Volvo Trucks II 50kW
Nashville Fire Stations 95kW
Nashville Natives 10kW
Natchez Trace Parkway Building 70kW
Nelson Fine Art Center 20kW
NES Music City Solar 2MW
Nissan Battery 18kW
Nissan Solar Parking TN
Nissan HQ 35kW
Nissan Smyrna 18kW
Nokian Tyres 3MW
Oak Ridge National Lab 30kW
Oak Ridge National Lab 51kW
Opelika, Alabama City Hall 23kW
Outpatient Cytopathology Center 13kW
Paddywax 50kW
Parker Farms 50kW
Parthenon Towers 66kW
Permobil 60kW
Phillip Miller Law 5kW
Powerhouse Six LLC 1MW
Powerhouse Six Oak Ridge Solar
Precision Air 34kW
Professional Roofing Contractors 50kW
Putnam Properties 27kW
Putnam Properties Cookeville TN
R&G Properties 10kW
R&G Properties Huntsville_AL 9.8kW
Rockstar Motorcars 50kW
Rockstar Motorcars
Rogers Farm 10kW
RxMed 49kW
SE International 17kW
SE International 17kW
Seven States Power Corp at U.S. Space & Rocket Center 30kW
Sewanee: The University of the South 17kW
Signs Now Nashville 21kW
Silicon Ranch – Agricenter Int’l 1MW
Silicon Ranch – Columbus, MS 1.6MW
Silicon Ranch – Houston, MS 1MW
Silicon Ranch Houston MS MW
Silicon Ranch – Houston, MS 4MW
Silicon Ranch – New Albany, MS 2MW
Silicon Ranch – Pulaski Solar Park 600kW
Silicon Ranch – Ripley, TN 4MW
Ripley TN Solar
Sonic Drive-In 25kW
Southaven Chamber of Commerce 7kW
Southern Carton 1 50kW
Southern Carton Solar
Southern Carton 2 50kW
Southern Carton Solar 2
Springledge Entertainment 25kW
Standard Banner 11.5kW
Standard Construction 50kW
Standard Construction 50kW
Stay Down on the Farm 10kW
Stolen Moments Farm 18kW
Street Dixon Rick Architecture 12kW
Surrey Estates 50kW
TDOT I-55 Welcome Center 17kW
TDOT Solar at Welcome Center
Tennessee Tech Center at Dickson 22kW
Tennessee Tech Center at Dickson 8kW
The Elephant Sanctuary 40kW
The Elephant Sanctuary Solar
TN Air National Guard 66kW
TN Parks & Greenways 16kW
TN Parks & Greenways Solar
TN Parks & Greenways Foundation 16.5kW
TN Real Estate Services 14kW
TransCor America 30kW
Tuck Hinton Architects 26kW
Turnip Truck 82kW
Unitarian Universalist Church 3kW
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 17kW
University School of Nashville 24kW
Upper Cumberland Regional HC 13kW
Urban Housing Solutions 50kW
UT Living Light House Battery System
Veterinary Opthamology Services 15kW
Village Real Estate 33kW
Walnut Trace Farm 23.5kW
Warner Park Nature Center
Washington County, AR 2MW
White Bridge Auto Wash
White Bridge Auto Wash 29kW
Winn Farms 12.5kW
The project was a little slow getting started but that was because LightWave Solar is one busy company. Once rolling, the workers showed upon time, worked hard, created little disruption, and entertained curious home owners.It has been exciting watching our energy use for over 2 months now. This has been the darkest time of the year... a month either side of the Winter Solstice. Since going live, our total consumption off the grid is only half to two thirds or any one month of the previous winter. This thanks to lots of cloudy, rainy and even snowy days mixed with some absolutely gorgeous sunny days, but short.We survived a 5 hour power outage. I wouldn't have noticed except my mother-in-law called to say the power was out at her house. We cooked dinner and watched TV while the furnace kept us warn. If it hadn't been for COVID we would have invited over the neighbors.I have high hopes for summer production. Given that TVA won't pay much for our energy, I am not expecting to make it rich. We had pretty low energy costs before installing so it will take 78 years to make back our investment. But I wanted to have the solar power. It's fun to say I have 2 Teslas (batteries). Going solar just felt like the right thing to do for the environment and the future.
Anne Child
Anne Child
18:16 02 Feb 21
The team at Lightwave Solar delivered a great product and went beyond my expectations to make sure I was happy with the solution delivered.
Thomas Ratliff
Thomas Ratliff
16:38 01 Nov 20
The CEO down to the installation crew was very professional, and addressed all our questions and concerns. We couldn’t be happier with our system!
Jameson Cotter
Jameson Cotter
16:55 10 Sep 20
Thomas & Thiago TH
Thomas & Thiago TH
22:40 07 Aug 20
Excellent, turn-key solution for solar panels. They were very responsive to my emails.
Matthew Lipton
Matthew Lipton
20:46 22 Jun 20
Lightwave Solar installed a 10 kw system on my building in Lebanon. The installation crew was very professional and completed the install in a morning. Lightwave handled all the permitting and negotiations with TVA/MTEMC. I now have an app on my phone that tells me how much power my panels are generating since they were installed.
Peter Schulert
Peter Schulert
16:58 22 Jun 20
The folks at LightWave Solar are awesome. They were patient and very responsive to my long list of questions prior to signing the contract. After signing the contract, they kept me updated on progress and walked me through steps that required my input on the permitting process. They made me aware of the current step and the next step so I knew what to expect. The installation crew was knowledgeable, efficient, friendly, and went overboard to make sure the installation met my needs. The accounting folks were also great to interact with. Every aspect of my solar purchase went smoothly thanks to the great people at LightWave....from the initial sales, business office, and installation crews--all of them make customer service a PRIORITY.
Mike Woodside
Mike Woodside
14:00 21 Jun 20
The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgable. in addition to keeping the area clean , we are very happy with the work and the price.
Denis Savouray
Denis Savouray
19:37 10 Dec 19
We had a great experience with Lightwave. They installed an add on system of 5kW along with a Tesla Powerwall battery. From the initial presentation to the final project completion, they all worked together and everyone on their team seemed truly happy to be engaged in this new industry. They are true professionals and I was glad we selected them. In addition to having a high tech back up system for my home, I am now off grid about 30% of the time. Amazing.
Quentin Humberd
Quentin Humberd
11:06 06 Dec 19
Wonderful experience from beginning discussions to project completion. On time, on budget and a pleasure to work with these folks
David Goodridge
David Goodridge
19:50 31 Oct 19
LightWave provided excellent service from design through applications through installation. We are very happy with the performance of the system.
Michael Dennis
Michael Dennis
01:20 04 Aug 19
LightWave Solar, LLC installed a 10 kW Array for us and did an excellent job! They completed the Array installation on time and with in budget.
Brian Nothnagle
Brian Nothnagle
18:49 23 Jul 19
Light Wave Solar is terrific. All their people were great to work with, knowledgeable and on- the- ball. They were everything i could have asked for and i couldn't be happier with the system they installed. So far it is working just as i hoped!
Jeanie Stephenson
Jeanie Stephenson
23:00 26 Nov 18
I needed LightWave's help after a wind storm caused a tree to fall on my house. The tree destroyed ten solar panels on my roof. LightWave's technicians visited me to assess the damage and plan repairs. LightWave's project manager took over from that point. After the design was complete and approved, the installation crew completed the job in a single day. Every LightWave representative was pleasant and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needs their services.
Mike Wiedemer
Mike Wiedemer
18:41 25 Oct 18
The whole team at LightWave Solar did an all-around excellent job! They showed up on time as expected and communicated everything very clearly on what I can expect to see and happen. They were all very professional and courteous throughout the entire process. I am already seeing MUCH lower electric bills. Thanks again to everyone at LightWave Solar, I greatly appreciated your services.
Nick Mielnik
Nick Mielnik
18:41 22 Oct 18
The entire team at LightWave Solar went above and beyond to ensure that our solar install was done on time, on budget, and to our satisfaction. Professional in every way. I can't get over how seamlessly they have integrated everything to our 1960 built home. Very well done. An added bonus is their handling of the necessary licenses, myriad forms and paperwork and approvals from local power company and TVA. These guys deserve 10 stars!
Shawn Kries
Shawn Kries
18:12 16 May 18
Great service and solar products. Professional installation and technical support. Installation quality outstanding.
Dan Larsen
Dan Larsen
13:56 22 Feb 18
Very happy with our 50KW solar panel array commercial system. Lightwave was extremely easy to work with.
Mark Fournier
Mark Fournier
13:19 08 Feb 18
We installed a 10 KW solar panel array on the roof of our home this past fall. The process required coordination between us (the customer), the local electric company (Nashville Electric Service) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). While this may seem daunting, it turns out that apart from signing a few routine documents, the process requires little to no effort on the part of the customer: Lightwave Solar takes care of all the details. Their attention to those details was impressive, which meant the whole operation was smooth, professional and basically worry free. The physical installation itself is a marvel of craftsmanship and technology. Lightwave Solar fully earns their five star rating and I recommend them without reservation.
David James
David James
06:07 22 Jan 18
Expert system design and expert install. Couldn’t be happier. Installed grid-tied roof-mounted 30kw system on rural lodge. Very happy with results on electric bill.
Greg Gough
Greg Gough
02:27 20 Jan 18
i loved working with lightwave and would highly recommend them to any small business owner!!
Lance Brock
Lance Brock
20:46 19 Jan 18
LightWave Solar provided excellent service and completed in the time frame and with the price promised. I'm happy to recommend them to others, and have.
John Harkey
John Harkey
18:43 06 Nov 17
My first month's savings was over $100. This is in spite of shorter fall days, cloudy days, and rain. The shortest day of the year is in late December. Its best performance will be in the spring and summer. I am very pleased with it.
Gerald Dooley
Gerald Dooley
18:26 27 Oct 17
Lightwave's staff was professional and responded to all of my concerns. Installation was a breeze and their followup after the system was installed has been rapid. I highly recommend LightWave for any solar project.
Rebecca Paschal
Rebecca Paschal
17:54 24 Oct 17
stephen mallett
stephen mallett
20:35 12 Jul 17
Bernadette Pawela
Bernadette Pawela
21:04 10 Jun 17
Lightwave solar was a pleasure to work with. They were professional, thorough and prompt.
Jessica Schwieger
Jessica Schwieger
11:00 09 May 17
The Lightwave Solar team was easy to work with, responsive and reliable. They considered several alternative layouts before settling on the best configuration for our situation. We are please to have 10 KW of solar panels, which covers most and at times, all, our energy usage for a month. Thanks!
Diane Scher
Diane Scher
18:29 14 Jan 17
Jennifer Tinch
Jennifer Tinch
15:17 12 Jan 17
The process to get started is the most involved but once the installation is approved by your local power company, you're ready to go. It took about a month from approval to turning the system on. There were hiccups but the team at LightWave handled them all quickly and professionally. Everyone who came to our home for installation and commissioning was extremely professional and neat. The jobsite was cleaned up each day which I appreciated. They also gave us an estimate of solar generation based on month and for the first month they were spot on! I would highly recommend if you're looking for a solar system to consider this company.
Beth Vriesman
Beth Vriesman
20:44 02 Jan 17
Lightwave has done two installations for us, and they were on time, on budget, and gave us systems that are generating well for us with no problems. They're the very best in this region.
Cynthia Holzapfel
Cynthia Holzapfel
17:33 28 Dec 16
Early in 2016 our family broke ground in building our new home. We knew we wanted solar and we had reached out to the companies in the area and selected Lightwave solar. From the beginning, they made it as easy as turning the key. From applications for the solar program all the way to getting things secured with our future electric company. After moving into our home, the installers were out and finalized our system bringing everything online. Our first full month of November we received our first bill. Two electric cars, entertaining during the holidays and getting a new home set up meant we'd used a good bit of electricity. $17 Dollars...the utility company had as a credit! This was amazing. This was an amazing investment and an equally awesome experience.If you are looking to learn more about solar, you must reach out to Lightwave Solar.
Matt Posey
Matt Posey
20:16 19 Dec 16
Lightwave Solar installed a 26kW system for us. They assisted with the application process and completed the installation without any issues. Heartily recommend them.
Martin Ing
Martin Ing
05:50 19 Dec 16
Have used them twice to install solar panels on my house (first south facing, then later to the east as well). They were very professional and technically seem outstanding!
Stephan Russ
Stephan Russ
21:00 05 Dec 16
these people are very professsional. they installed my system quickly,and it looks great .after a year and a half my solar production is ahead of ,expections. great job!
deb sav
deb sav
12:50 10 Nov 16
Solar panels area wonderful thing, They sit in the sun and convert sun light into useable electricity with virtually no maintenance, fuel or up keep. The initial cost is a little pricey, but the government will give reimburse a buyer 30% in the form of a tax credit, not a deduction a credit. As an up-side, if one invest the cost of the system into say a tax free muni-bond, he would have to earn better than 3% to beat it at the current cost of electricity, which is going to get better as the price of electricity rises in coming years. A second up-side is the knowledge that the solar energy produced contributes nothing to pollution and used no natural resources.My daughter did the research. SunPower panels are the best. LightWave Solar is their local dealer dealer here in the Nashville area. I called them. They came out recommended an appropriate system. I said do it and they did. They took care of everything, building permits, sell back agreements, engineering, installation, everything. They did what they said they would do in the time frame they predicted for the price quoted. I could not be happier with the system, price or service. SunPower panels, LightWave Solar. Do it.
Harry Pearce
Harry Pearce
16:13 27 Sep 16
They say it starts at the the top and thanks to Steve Johnson, Lightwave Solar's owner, it appears that everyone in his company understands what it takes to work at a very high level of professionalism and expertise.Every member of the Lightwave team made the process of adding on to our existing solar array, easy. Pre-install was completely without issue. They evaluated my needs, then worked with the TVA to determine the maximum system size, filed the proper forms, obtained permits, coordinated with my local utility company, and answered all my questions. They completed this part of the process early and were prepared to start my install two weeks earlier than they originally scheduled.The install crew was friendly, professional, neat and worked well with each other. In addition to tying the new panels into my existing solar system, they also tied everything together to work with my whole house, 36kW propane generator - a fairly complex process.When the install was complete, they took the time to explain how everything worked and showed me how I could access all of my solar generation statistics online.It’s rare that I feel comfortable recommending an organization without reservation, but in this instance, I can say that after three months, everything is running perfectly and I’m still very happy with every aspect of the job.
Tom Trapp
Tom Trapp
18:48 14 Sep 16
Our experience with LightWave Solar was excellent in every respect. Their people are knowledgeable and performed exactly as promised. Since going on line, the system has work better than expected. We recommend LightWave to anyone considering a solar system.
Dave Mensel
Dave Mensel
18:29 24 Jul 16
I loved my experience with LightWave Solar! From the get go they were very professional and easy to work with. Getting solar panels on my house was a bit of a process with obtaining proper agreements and permits with utilities etc, but they handled every step-from sales through installation. I was impressed by the technology they use to project over the course of the year how much sun will hit each part of the roof to help decide if and where to get panels. They also have different financial options and help navigate what's best investment for you. And there are currently major tax benefits! Feels like a smart investment mixed with a really great feeling, knowing that the power I use in my house (and to charge my electric car) are from the sun. It's pretty amazing to get my utility bill now, and depending on the month, it is either a very very small amount or they pay me. Going solar has been a great experience and I can't recommend LightWave enough for helping me to do that!
Katie Herzig
Katie Herzig
17:23 25 Jun 16
I was very impressed by the professional quality of the work performed by the LightWave Solar installer. Though there was a large capital payment required for my 28 solar panels, they're already (slowly) reimbursing me by paying 70% of my monthly electric bill.
Jim Rugh
Jim Rugh
01:09 14 Jun 16
Everyone I dealt with at Lightwave Solar was professional, and NICE. I am very pleased with the work they did, and with the 22 solar panels now in service on my roof. I would recommend this company to everyone.
Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson
20:58 13 Jun 16
LightWave Solar installed my Solar PV System that looks great and functions as planned. Great working with LightWave to understand the economic and environmental benefits. They handled all the TVA documents and Dickson Electric coordination. All done with no problems.
James Paulus
James Paulus
02:52 22 Apr 16
very professional firm. the sales and installation teams were well versed in their technology and seemed to take pride in their work. definitely recommend
Joe Cook
Joe Cook
19:30 04 Apr 16



The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the most respected, well-established, and widely recognized certification organization for U.S. solar professionals. Our team includes 5 fully certified NABCEP Solar PV Professionals – more than any other firm in the region.