Solar On-the-Go

Published November 4, 2013

LightWave Solar now offers a Portable Solar Power Bank that uses the sun’s power where and when it’s needed most: power outages, farm maintenance, camping, tailgating, trade shows, etc.


The solar power bank charges quickly and can provide enough electricity for hours of lighting, refrigeration, fans, cell phone/laptop charging, entertainment systems and more!


The solar power bank retails for $3,450 and is eligible for a 30% tax credit. In addition, existing LightWave Solar customers receive a 10% discount!  


LightWave Solar sells the SolarLand Power Bank because of its durability, reduced battery charge time of 3.5 hours, higher power output and cost effectiveness.


System details are listed below. Contact LightWave at 615-641-4050 to learn more and order your Solar On-the-Go power bank.


Power Bank Cabinet:

Output Power Up to 1,000 watt-hours
Inverter 1,000 Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Output Frequency 120VAC
Output Frequency 60Hz
Nominal Efficiency  >85%
Overload & Short Circuit Protection Yes
Display LCD Display
Operating Temperature -10° to +50°C

We include 4 Solarland 65watt solar panels and a lead acid battery.


System power inputs:

  • 2 USB Outlets
  • 4 DC Outlets
  • 2 120VAC Outlets


“We use our power bank to tend to our herd fast and easily, especially in emergencies. Plus, we can power our freezer and refrigerator stocked with beef when the power goes out.” Bruce Roberson, Owner of Butterfly Hill Ranch in Gordonsville, TN

Example of power use:

Item Qty Power (w) Hours per day Power Consumption per day (Wh)
LED Bulb 2 5 6 60
LED Tube Light 2 6 6 72
USB Cell Charger 1 2 6 12
Laptop Computer 1 60 6 360
AC 19″ TV 1 60 6 300
AC Radio 1 10 6 60
AC Floor Fan 1 70 6 420

TOTAL: 1284 Wh  Note:Time available to run various lights and appliances depends on several variables including battery state of charge, intensity of sunlight, and power consumed by individual appliances.  Various household appliances can be connected to this system including refrigerators, freezers, mobile phones, laptops, lights, cameras, small TVs, radios, fans, air purifiers, battery chargers and other appliances. 


**Not Suitable For Load:

The pure sine wave series can be used with all light and household appliances but with a limit of power (below 1000 watts).  This means it is not suitable for an air conditioner, microwave oven, induction cooker, electric cooker, hair drier or water heater.