Solar Incentives for Government & Non-profit

Published December 30, 2010

• TVA Green Power Providers and Solar Solutions Initiative: Green Power Providers is for systems under 50kW, and TVA will pay a 2 cent premium for solar production, totaling about 13 cents per kWh. 

Solar Solutions Initiative is for systems 50kW-1MW. Please contact us regarding the benefits of participation in TVA’s Solar Solutions Initiative and we will help you begin the application process.


• Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Clean Tennessee Energy Grant program: The purpose of the grant program is to fund projects that best result in a reduction of emissions and pollutants. The Clean Tennessee Energy Program provides financial assistance to state and local government agencies in Tennessee to purchase, install, and construct energy projects that fit into one of the following eligible project categories: Application info is on the TDEC website