Small Business Solar Spotlight: House of Blues Studios

Published February 5, 2016

House of Blues Studios NashvilleHouse of Blues Studios in Nashville cranks out some of the best music in the world. Now they are cranking out solar electricity, too!  LightWave Solar recently put 128 panels on their building, including on their new tracking room, called the Sun Room, modeled after Sun Records in Memphis.

“We were working one day, and T Bone Burnett and I loved the idea of solar panels on the Sun Room,” says House of Blues Studios owner Gary Belz.

Since 1998 Gary Belz has operated his state-of-the art recording studio in Nashville (before that he ran the Ocean Way Studio on Music Row and House of Blues Studios in Memphis until 2014), and he has House of Blues Studios in Encino, CA, as well.

“While living in LA, I became familiar with the benefits of solar energy and saw what can happen with utility rates,” he says. “I only expect rates to go up, and more quickly than we’re used to here in Nashville,” he adds.

After seeing solar technology mature and prices decline, Gary decided to install 35kW at his Berry Hill campus. He cites several major factors, including the federal tax credit and marketing opportunities.

“We want to be a green recording studio,” he explains. “Solar helps us be better world citizens and keeps our energy costs lower.”

The system will generate about 41,000 kilowatt-hours per year which means over $4,300 in revenue at current electric rates. Neighbors in Berry Hill are asking Gary about the panels, and he will join us at our Solar Workshop for Businesses on March 11 in Berry Hill near the studios.

“I am happy to be a part of the LightWave family,” he says. “I’ve really enjoyed meeting everyone at the company – my sales consultant, project manager and the installers.”