Questions for a Solar Contractor

1. Is the contractor a full-time solar installer exclusively focused on solar?

LightWave Solar holds an electrical contractors license in the states of TN, MS, AR and AL. We are 100% focused on turn-key solar and energy storage system design and installation with over 35 full‐time employees.

2. What is included in the contract amount?

LightWave Solar provides turn-key design and installation. This includes:

  • Site evaluation to verify system design requirements
  • Electrical drawings and site plans by in-house engineers
  • Completion of interconnection application and all other paperwork required by local utility
  • Permitting
  • Equipment procurement (panels, inverters, disconnects, meter, conduit, wire, etc. – everything needed for fully functional system)
  • Installation and inspections
  • Grid-interconnection/commissioning with local utility
  • One-year workmanship warranty

3. Is your solar contract a fixed-price contract or an estimate?

LightWave Solar provides an accurate, fixed contract amount that is based on years of experience and site-specific information. You will not be surprised with added costs.

4. How many years has the contractor been installing solar PV?

LightWave Solar has been installing solar PV full-time since July 2006. We helped pioneer the region’s solar industry.

5. How many solar PV projects has the contractor installed?

LightWave Solar has designed and installed over 850 solar PV systems throughout the Midsouth, primarily in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi. Our projects include large commerical systems (200kW-5MW), mid-size systems (20-100kW), and over 500 residential systems ranging from 2kW to 50kW. LightWave Solar is responsible for the design and installation of the first solar interconnections with over 45 electrical utilities in the TVA region. Our experience sets us apart from other contractors in the area.

6. Have you talked to any of the contractor’s customers?

LightWave Solar has hundreds of happy solar customers and many repeat customers. Please ask us for our customer references and contact them for their feedback. You can read our online customer reviews at these links:

Read our reviews on Google.

Read our reviews on SolarReviews.

7. When and how are payments made to the contractor? Do they get paid before commissioning?

LightWave Solar outlines the payment schedule before we ask you to sign a contract. Typically, we require a 25% down payment upon contract signing. Shortly thereafter, we require a 50% payment to order materials. Once the system has been installed and commissioned by the local utility, we invoice for the remaining 25%.

8. How did the contractor calculate production? Can it be verified by a reputable third party?

LightWave Solar understands that solar customers are buying production, not system size. Thus, we recommend high-performing solar panels and accurately estimate kilowatt-hour production over time. We use several production estimators including PV Watts, PV Syst, and PV Sol. Our production estimates account for shading if applicable (using Solmetric SunEye), orientation, and pitch. Our estimates can be verified on-line at the National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) site.

9. Does the contractor have Full NABCEP-certified Solar PV Installers on staff?

LightWave Solar has 9 fully-certified NABCEP Solar PV Professionals on staff, more than any other company in the Southeast. NABCEP stands for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and it is the gold standard for solar PV certification. The full NABCEP certificate is earned after passing a rigorous exam covering design, installation and codes, as well as meeting experience and training requirements. Conversely, NABCEP’s entry-level certificate requires no installation experience.

10. Is the contractor a member of TenneSEIA?

LightWave Solar is a Charter member of the Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association (TenneSEIA), and LightWave Solar’s President and CEO, Chris Koczaja, serves as President of TenneSEIA. TenneSEIA represents and advocates for the solar industry in Tennessee, and membership shows a commitment to the industry.

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We had a great experience with Lightwave. They installed an add on system of 5kW along with a Tesla Powerwall battery. From the initial presentation to the final project completion, they all worked together and everyone on their team seemed truly happy to be engaged in this new industry. They are true professionals and I was glad we selected them. In addition to having a high tech back up system for my home, I am now off grid about 30% of the time. Amazing.
Quentin Humberd
Quentin Humberd
11:06 06 Dec 19
Wonderful experience from beginning discussions to project completion. On time, on budget and a pleasure to work with these folks
David Goodridge
David Goodridge
19:50 31 Oct 19
LightWave provided excellent service from design through applications through installation. We are very happy with the performance of the system.
Michael Dennis
Michael Dennis
01:20 04 Aug 19
LightWave Solar, LLC installed a 10 kW Array for us and did an excellent job! They completed the Array installation on time and with in budget.
Brian Nothnagle
Brian Nothnagle
18:49 23 Jul 19
The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgable. in addition to keeping the area clean , we are very happy with the work and the price.
Denis Savouray
Denis Savouray
13:11 30 Nov 18
Light Wave Solar is terrific. All their people were great to work with, knowledgeable and on- the- ball. They were everything i could have asked for and i couldn't be happier with the system they installed. So far it is working just as i hoped!
Jeanie Stephenson
Jeanie Stephenson
23:00 26 Nov 18
I needed LightWave's help after a wind storm caused a tree to fall on my house. The tree destroyed ten solar panels on my roof. LightWave's technicians visited me to assess the damage and plan repairs. LightWave's project manager took over from that point. After the design was complete and approved, the installation crew completed the job in a single day. Every LightWave representative was pleasant and professional. I would recommend them to anyone who needs their services.
Mike Wiedemer
Mike Wiedemer
18:41 25 Oct 18
The whole team at LightWave Solar did an all-around excellent job! They showed up on time as expected and communicated everything very clearly on what I can expect to see and happen. They were all very professional and courteous throughout the entire process. I am already seeing MUCH lower electric bills. Thanks again to everyone at LightWave Solar, I greatly appreciated your services.
Nick Mielnik
Nick Mielnik
18:41 22 Oct 18
The entire team at LightWave Solar went above and beyond to ensure that our solar install was done on time, on budget, and to our satisfaction. Professional in every way. I can't get over how seamlessly they have integrated everything to our 1960 built home. Very well done. An added bonus is their handling of the necessary licenses, myriad forms and paperwork and approvals from local power company and TVA. These guys deserve 10 stars!
Shawn Kries
Shawn Kries
18:12 16 May 18
Great service and solar products. Professional installation and technical support. Installation quality outstanding.
Dan Larsen
Dan Larsen
13:56 22 Feb 18
Very happy with our 50KW solar panel array commercial system. Lightwave was extremely easy to work with.
Mark Fournier
Mark Fournier
13:19 08 Feb 18
We installed a 10 KW solar panel array on the roof of our home this past fall. The process required coordination between us (the customer), the local electric company (Nashville Electric Service) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). While this may seem daunting, it turns out that apart from signing a few routine documents, the process requires little to no effort on the part of the customer: Lightwave Solar takes care of all the details. Their attention to those details was impressive, which meant the whole operation was smooth, professional and basically worry free. The physical installation itself is a marvel of craftsmanship and technology. Lightwave Solar fully earns their five star rating and I recommend them without reservation.
David James
David James
06:07 22 Jan 18
Expert system design and expert install. Couldn’t be happier. Installed grid-tied roof-mounted 30kw system on rural lodge. Very happy with results on electric bill.
Greg Gough
Greg Gough
02:27 20 Jan 18
My first month's savings was over $100. This is in spite of shorter fall days, cloudy days, and rain. The shortest day of the year is in late December. Its best performance will be in the spring and summer. I am very pleased with it.
Gerald Dooley
Gerald Dooley
18:26 27 Oct 17
Lightwave's staff was professional and responded to all of my concerns. Installation was a breeze and their followup after the system was installed has been rapid. I highly recommend LightWave for any solar project.
Rebecca Paschal
Rebecca Paschal
17:54 24 Oct 17


The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the most respected, well-established, and widely recognized certification organization for U.S. solar professionals. Our team includes 9 fully certified NABCEP Solar PV Professionals – more than any other firm in the region.

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