TVA Solar Incentive Program Update

Published September 5, 2012

TVA is rolling out their new solar incentive program, Green Power Providers, as early as October 1, 2012. Program details have not been officially announced, but the following information has been verified with TVA and local distributors:
1. Green Power Providers will keep the $0.12 solar premium for projects with Participation Agreements executed by 12/31/2012.
2. Green Power Providers will continue to offer the $1,000 installation rebate.
3. The maximum system size allowed is 50 kW, although projects above 10 kW cannot generate over 100% of the consumption on the billing meter. Consumption is based on the previous 12 months of electric bills.

LightWave Solar will send an update once the details are officially announced and the application is available. Please stay tuned!