Urban Green Lab’s Mobile Lab is Solar Powered!

Published April 7, 2016

In 2016 Nashville-based nonprofit Urban Green Lab launched their Mobile Sustainability Lab, the first of its kind in Nashville, TN. The mobile lab is outfitted with interactive exhibits that explore five important topics in sustainability: energy, water, green building, transportation and food & agriculture.

The mobile lab aligns with Metro Nashville Public Schools middle and high school science and technology curricula, and it inspires sustainable behaviors. As a service to the Nashville community, the mobile lab is offered free of charge to Metro Nashville Public middle and high schools and is available for a reasonable rate to private and home schools, community organizations, and businesses.

The Mobile Lab is 100% powered by solar energy, and LightWave Solar donated three 290-watt solar panels to the lab.

To learn more about Urban Green Lab, and how to sign up for the Mobile Lab, please visit them online here.