Case study: Westhaven resident goes solar, EV charger next

Published September 2, 2018

Kovacs Residence in Westhaven

The combination of solar panels, electric vehicles and battery storage is compelling for many of our customers, including Franklin, Tennessee homeowner, Zoltan Kovacs. He recently checked the first item off his list.

“Solar energy makes sense in a lot of ways,” Zoltan says. “First, it’s distributed generation, so we’re making electricity right where we use it,” he says.

His 8.7 kilowatt system includes 30 solar panels, 30 DC optimizers, and one SolarEdge inverter which allows for easy online monitoring (he can check his solar production on his phone every day!). We expect the system will save him about $1,000 each year, reducing his electric bills by about 50%.

“We invested in solar equipment to reduce our energy costs over the long term, and we believe it increases the value of our home,” he says.

The solar panels on the Kovacs residence are not visible from the street.

Zoltan and his family live in the Westhaven community in Franklin, Tennessee, and their residence is the second home in Westhaven to install solar panels. Though the HOA has stringent guidelines for exterior changes, Zoltan says the process to approve his solar system was easy. LightWave Solar’s project consultant, Matt Duncan, took care of all the paperwork and changed the proposed roof layout to meet HOA rules. LightWave Solar and Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation commissioned the system on July 3.

Now, Zoltan is looking at options for adding energy storage so that he can have solar power in his home during grid outages. LightWave Solar is a certified Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem installer, offering multiple options for battery storage needs.

But before adding battery storage, Zoltan’s next project is the installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charger for his new Tesla X, an all-electric SUV.

“Using sunlight to help power EVs is a big step towards a more efficient and sustainable society,” Zoltan says. “We hope our neighbors will take a look at installing solar, too, especially since some of them already drive EVs,” he adds.

In addition to turnkey solar and storage systems, LightWave Solar is trained and certified to install Tesla car chargers, and we have installation experience with brands that charge Nissan Leafs, Chevy Volts, BMW i models and other plug-in cars.

If you drive an EV and would like a quote from LightWave Solar to install your EV charger, please contact us!