2 Year Payback Now Possible for Commercial Solar

Published December 29, 2010

LightWave Solar can help your business see a 2 year payback on your solar investment.

As a business, you can finance the portion of system cost that remains after your first year tax incentives are recouped. In most cases, this allows for positive cash flow in year two.

Cash Flow for 50kW system with Financing:

The cumulative benefit over 20 years is more than $120,000 and the panels will generate electricity for another 10+ years!

Installing a 50KW system without financing is also a great option with payback in 5-8 years:


Learn why one Tennessee small business chose solar! Watch video case study:


Solar provides a hedge against rising electric rates and generates revenue for 25+ years (term of panel warranty).

Solar increases property value through reduced utility costs and can differentiate your business from others, both in the real estate market and among competitors.

Solar reduces a business’s environmental impact. A 50 kW solar system will offset CO2 emissions by 1,900 tons over 25 years, the equivalent to planting 870 acres of trees!

Solar creates an opportunity for positive public relations. Installing solar shows that your business is forward-thinking. Consumers are becoming more concerned about the environment, and they are supporting businesses that share their concern and lead by example. 

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