Why Homeowners Go Solar

Published December 28, 2010

Electric rates are expected to rise over the next few years, even in Tennessee

Electric rates are on the rise. Over the past 10 years, TVA’s rates have been increasing at a rate of 5% per year.  We expect rates to rise higher over the next 20 years.

You can hedge against rising rates with clean, free power from the sun. With no moving parts and very little maintenance, solar panels are a long-term solution to your energy needs.  

In addition, solar increases the value of your property and differentiates your home from others on the market.

How much does solar cost?

Example residential system*:

System size: 7 kW (28 solar panels)
Cost before incentives:         -$23,100
30% Federal tax credit:  $6,630
Utility rebate:  $1,000
Net cost:                                
Avg. monthly bill credit:  $108 (10 year average)
Est. benefit over 20 years:  $30,250

*Example is for illustrative purposes only. Please contact us for a custom proposal.



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