August 2011 “Solar Workshop and Project Spotlights”

Published August 5, 2011

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Where We’ll Be…
2011 Tennessee Valley Solar Solutions Conference
August 9-10
Opryland Convention Center
Presented by TVA and the Tennessee Solar Institute, which is affiliated with the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratories.
Conference registration is free, but space is limited. More info here.

Sustainable Living Guild’s Solar Energy & Energy Conservation Workshop

August 19-20

More info here  

Living Green Expo
Sponsored by Keep Williamson Co Beautiful!

August 27 9am-3pm 

Franklin AG Park 

More info here

Solar 101 & Energy Efficiency Workshop

Light Wave Solar is hosting a Solar 101 & Energy Efficiency Workshop on Tuesday, August 30 from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at the Green Hills Branch Library as a part of the Going Green Series.


6:00-7:00 LightWave Solar will cover solar basics – how solar works, solar equipment, roof and shade requirements, cost and incentives, and the reasons why Nashvillians are installing solar on their homes and businesses.


Kilowatt Ours7:00-7:30 Jeff Barrie will discuss saving energy and saving money. Barrie is filmmaker and founder of Kilowatt Ours, a local non-profit that helps households save money on their energy bills. His presentation will cover energy efficiency and conservation.


Green Hills Branch Library 

3701 Benham Avenue
Nashville, TN 37215

For details call 615-641-4050 x 21


Workshop is free and open to the public. Bring a brown bag lunch!

Contact us for more info and to RSVP:
615-641-4050 x 21 or 

Solar in Historic East Nashville


Nashville has its fair share of historic homes and neighborhoods, and they are a part of the beauty that many tourists travel to Nashville to see. In recent years, as solar becomes more widespread, many solar companies have seen resistance when it comes to installation on these homes. Some criteria and guidelines prevent the installation of solar on historic homes, making it difficult for homeowners to generate their own electricity. 

Warren HomeKaki and Mary Warren of East Nashville recently needed a permit from the Metropolitan Historic Commission in order to install panels on their home.  With help from Jason Campbell of LightWave Solar, the Warren’s were able to strike a compromise at the Commission meeting. Anticipating resistance, Campbell was prepared to answer any technical questions while the Warren’s had gathered signatures from around the community in support of the panels. After a fruitful discussion, it was agreed upon that 10 panels were to be installed on the front of the home and eight on the back, rather than the original proposal for 16 panels on the front. 


Kaki Warren’s interest in solar traces back to the home of his sister in Wise County Virginia, where mountaintop removal, an aggressive form of coal mining, has devastated the natural beauty and has destroyed watersheds. Much of the electricity consumed in Middle Tennessee can be traced back to coal. “I wanted a cleaner form of energy that would eventually pay for itself,” said Warren.   


Luckily for Warren, his desire for solar found the support and resources from LightWave and the community.   


“One hundred percent of our neighbors supported the panels. They are often a topic of conversation for passersby when I am out in the garden. But, to be honest, most folks don’t even notice the panels are there.”   


Commissioned on July 7, 2011, the 4,050 watt system has been producing energy daily, providing the Warren’s with the comfort of knowing their electricity bill will show the difference. Since that time, the Warren family has been more mindful of power use and look for ways to conserve power.

Small Pharmaceutical Business to Install Solar  

Successful small businesses are essential for growth in our local economy. Fortunately, many Middle Tennessee business owners are still investing in their companies despite tough economic times.

One of them is Lebanon business owner Buddy Stephens who began a pharmacy company back in 2005. In an effort to expand and grow, he is currently constructing a new building that will house Rx Med LLC.  Stephens thought the roof at the new location might be a great spot for solar generation.  


Stephens had spent a lot of time in Southern California and had seen how prominent solar energy is there. After researching solar energy in Middle Tennessee, he saw what great potential the area had for solar energy production. He came to LightWave with an interest in installing solar on his small pharmaceutical business.


“Being a novice at solar energy, LightWave Solar not only advised and worked with me but educated me as well. They have guided me in regards to funding that may be available, assisted me in applying for those funds as well as performed the design work and installation,” said Stephens.  


The new building happened to have the exact orientation of the roof that enabled Stephens and LightWave to design a system that would enhance the production of solar energy.  The design maximizes the available roof space to accommodate the 71.69 kilowatt system which is comprised of 224 solar panels. Despite being located in the historic area of Lebanon, the former Castle Heights Military Academy campus area and neighboring businesses have been very accepting. Even Mayor Phillip Craighead has expressed interest in the solar project.  


“We need to be aware of our environment and what we can do as individuals to preserve our natural resources and move toward renewable energy sources such as solar and wind,” said Stephens.   


Stephens decided to install solar on his business because of his goal to utilize less fossil fuel energy and to enable the United States to become more energy independent. Stephens’ wants to contribute to preserving the planet for future generations and wants other businesses to follow suit.  


“In our country, we have so many buildings that have roofs that are just sitting there absorbing the sun’s rays. Most all of these roofs could be producing solar energy. These businesses could help with the solution rather than being part of the problem,” said Stephens.  


Rx Med LLC is a long-term care pharmacy that supplies the full medication needs for patients that reside in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and group homes.
Medication needs include prescription medications, pharmacy consulting, IV services, compounding of medications, 24/7 availability and delivery of all this directly to the facility. Rx Med is not open to the public for prescription services. The company employs approximately 25 people including a staff of five pharmacists.

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