Living Off-The-Grid

We can Take Your Home Completely Off-the-Grid

However, off-grid homes are not for the faint of heart! Off-grid living requires a lifestyle change for most people.

Things to know:

Most people who live off-grid have built their home in a location that has no access to grid power lines. Living off-the-grid is a unique lifestyle requiring daily energy management. This means coordinating energy usage based on available sunlight and battery charge.

Those who live off-the-grid are their own utility, even in the middle of winter when sunlight is low and needs are high. We can install a generator to provide backup power for your off-grid solar system.

Cost varies widely but can be between $60,000-150,000. These systems qualify for the 30% federal tax credit.

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We can help you explore this option if you think it is feasible for you and your home.

We would design your off-grid system after receiving a design fee. Get started by filling out the form below:

System and Load Analysis

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