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With 16 years of experience and 8 NABCEP-Certified Solar Professionals on staff, we are passionate about providing high quality solar installations and O&M. We know that a better performing solar system means more kilowatt-hours for your company and more carbon savings for the planet!

Founding Member of the Amicus O&M Co-Op

Amicus O&M Cooperative is a group of leading solar PV companies who are dedicated to providing excellent O&M services for portfolios of PV systems across the U.S. Co-op members foster an environment of knowledge sharing and provide O&M contracting and local dispatching, ultimately enhancing the performance of solar PV systems for our clients. As an industry leader, LightWave utilizes the best technology, including infared drone photography for thermal site assessments.

What We Can Do For You.

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Aerial Thermal Site Assessments
  • Site As-Built Digitization
  • Low/Medium/High Voltage Inspections & Testing
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Warranty Administration
  • Remote System Performance Monitoring
  • Diagnostic Reporting

Get comprehensive O&M services performed by certified LightWave Solar professionals & our massive support network covering the entire country!

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Our O&M program’s key element includes establishing a site-specific maintenance program with annual preventive maintenance, inspection, and implementation.

O&M Scope may include (but is not limited to):

  • Inspection of all PV modules, inverters, combiners, and data acquisition system (DAS) components.
  • Inspection of racking and ballasts, random torque check, grounding and movement.
  • Inspection of pyranometer, temperature sensors, control cabinet, equipment and wiring.
  • Thermal scan on disconnects and combiners.
  • Inspection of DC wiring & wire management, insulation, grounding, conduits, fittings, junctions, combiners and transition boxes, fuses, and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Inspection of AC Conduits, fittings, junction boxes and disconnects.
  • Aerial Thermography to identify potential system losses
  • Recommended maintenance on inverters such as fan and filter cleanings.

O&M Reports


Overall site visual inspection and identification of potential problem areas and recommended actions.


Switchgear and combiner box thermal scan imagery.


Aerial thermography analysis


Other observations, concerns, or hazards to ensure ongoing safety and performance.

O&M Service Area & Support Networks

Through our Amicus O&M Co-op membership, we partner with other top installers across the country to share best practices, pool buying power, and team up on cost-effective O&M agreements.

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