Residential Solar

Own your energy. Get grid independence. Protect our planet.

You can do all of this by simply installing a LightWave Solar plus storage system at your home. Your custom built system will give you the tools to manage your energy future.

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What’s the cost of not using solar power?

Using the power company for electricity can get expensive. If you pay a $150 bill each month, you’ll be paying at least $36,000 over the next 20 years! With solar, you own your power instead of renting it from the utility company.

Reduce your dependence on power grids

Power grids can be unreliable in times when you need them most. With a LightWave Solar + storage system, you’ll have reliable power during severe weather or blackouts. When the power grid goes down, your system will kick in immediately, with barely a flicker to the lights! That’s what we like to call peace of mind.

Solar power is more sustainable

Solar power can reduce your consumption of conventional energy sources. By using solar energy to help power your home, you’ll reduce air pollutants like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and greenhouse gases. If you want to do your part and use cleaner energy, then a LightWave Solar system may be the right choice for you.

The cost of a solar powered system

LightWave builds custom systems with your unique home in mind. Different variables affect the cost of solar power, such as number of panels, number of batteries, whether you have roof-mounted panels or ground-mounted panels, and many others. We have provided an estimated cost range for typical solar + storage systems below:

Cost before 30% tax credit:

$50,000 – $80,000

Cost after 30% tax credit:

$35,000 – $56,000

How It Works

Power your home during the day with solar panels and use stored energy from lithium-ion batteries at night and during grid failures.

Learn more about Tesla Powerwall Systems.

Everyday Solar Energy

Your solar + storage system will help power your home every day. A mobile app will provide insight into your energy use so you can maximize your solar generation. Any extra solar energy goes directly into your batteries for whenever you need it — day or night!

Backup Power

In the event of a power grid outage, your home will automatically draw electric power from your solar + storage system. Your mobile app will notify you of the grid outage, and you can keep an eye on your energy use and battery charge level. Your batteries will recharge when the sun rises the next day!

What about net metering?

There is no net metering in our area which means the utility will not buy excess solar energy at retail rates. If you aren’t ready to make such a large investment, we can install solar first and batteries later. With LightWave Solar, you can always expand your system or add battery storage in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Solar and battery system size is usually determined by your home’s existing electric service, your electricity use, your available space and your budget. We will customize your system to help you reduce your consumption of grid electricity and have reliable backup power.

Lithium-ion batteries have 10-year warranties and require virtually no maintenance.

For a typical residential system, it takes about three days to install the PV panels and equipment. Then, the system must pass a final State electrical inspection which normally occurs within 10 days of completed installation. Then, we coordinate system activation with your local power company.

Your home will still be connected to the grid for times when you use more power than you are generating or have stored.

Our systems can provide whole home backup and partial home backup, depending on your home’s existing electrical configuration. Typically, our systems provide between 27-54 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of storage capacity. At any given time, your amount of backup power will vary depending on how much solar you are generating, battery charge status and energy usage. Your mobile app will show you these variables so you can manage your supply and demand accordingly.

LightWave Solar is certified to install many brands of batteries including ELM, Schneider & Tesla Powerwall.

A mobile app provides unprecedented insight and control over your home’s energy use. On a typical day, you will have the tools to monitor your solar generation and battery status, and during outages, you can adjust your household usage based on available energy sources.

LightWave Solar provides an accurate, fixed contract amount that is based on years of experience and site-specific information. You will not be surprised with added costs.

LightWave Solar provides turn-key design and installation. This includes:

  • Site Evaluation to verify system design requirements
  • Electrical Drawings and site plans by in-house engineers
  • Utility Interconnection Application and Permitting
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Installation and Inspections
  • Grid-interconnection/Commissioning with local utility
  • Five-year Workmanship Warranty

LightWave Solar outlines the payment schedule before we ask you to sign a contract. Typically, we require a 25% down payment upon contract signing. Shortly thereafter, we require a 50% payment to order materials. Once the system has been installed and commissioned by the local utility, we invoice for the remaining 25%.

LightWave Solar has been installing solar PV full-time since July 2006. We helped pioneer the region’s solar industry.

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Solar Panel
Installation Options

So Many Ways To Shine!

A popular and stylish choice!

Read our criteria for suitability:

  • Faces south, east and/or west
  • Has minimal shade from nearby trees
  • Has minimal obstructions like chimneys, dormers, etc.
  • Is in good condition and under 10 years old, typically
  • Is asphalt shingle, metal, standing seam, or another material suitable for solar panels

Get Higher Production & Improved Performance.

This install provides flexibility that roof mounts can’t. We can orient the panels due south at the perfect pitch to maximize sunlight exposure, and install ground-mounted panels that have better air flow. These advantages create a higher performing solar system!

Get all the perks that come with a regular ground mount & then some! You can create a sleek, modern carport for parking or a canopy for just relaxing on your patio/porch. For added style points, you can opt for a translucent solar panel.