Solar Parking Canopies

LightWave Solar excels at delivering high profile and high performing solar parking canopies, also known as solar carports.

Solar Carports are Multi-purpose & provide the following benefits:

  • Generate clean solar electricity for buildings and EV charging stations.
  • Provide shade where it’s most needed – asphalt parking lots can get hot!
  • Highlight your organization’s use of clean solar energy.

Solar Carports Are Highly Visible.

Solar parking canopies create a visually appealing architectural element that highlights the use of solar energy. Customers, employees and community members will be reminded of your commitment to clean energy each time they park or drive by.

Solar Carports are our Specialty.

LightWave Solar has over 10 years of experience building commercial solar parking canopies. We have installed many large solar canopies made by Baja, Florian and Powers Solar Frames. In addition, LightWave Solar is a certified Lumos installer, and we provide residential solar canopies. View gallery to see our residential solar canopies.