Bid on a LightWave Solar System!

Published March 2, 2011

LightWave Solar is the most experienced and most reputable solar PV design and installation company in Tennessee. With over 130 systems installed, representing over 1.6 MW of solar energy capacity, our full-time certified installers and engineers will ensure quality workmanship and top-notch customer service.

If you are interested in attending Green Tie Affair and bidding on this system, please contact us so we can determine the suitability of your site. Free site visit is included. Site issues to consider:

-A south facing roof will get optimum kWh production.  East and west facing roofs work well too if the pitch of the roof is not too steep and shading is minimal.  A site visit will allow for accurate production estimates.

-Allow 200 square feet of unobstructed roof space for the solar panels.

-Roof features such as chimneys and dormers can create shading, so the panels need to be situated away from those.

-Shade from trees should be minimal, although our site visit calculations will pin point exactly how much shading will occur.

Click here to visit Tennessee Environmental Council’s Green Tie event page.