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The Corby Family’s Solar Energy System


Nashville, TN

Solar Size


Equipment Installed

Solar System and Tesla Powerwalls

“Lightwave was very professional and provided top-notch, turn-key solutions. Some components of the sale-to-completion process can take awhile, but Lightwave is very good about setting expectations, and once an agreement is in place, they are excellent about communicating and systematically managing the project.” – Chris Corby

Powering Nashville Homes Sustainably

Chirs and Mary Corby from Nashville, TN, sought a sustainable solution to offset their relatively high energy consumption and carbon footprint and ensure they’d have a resilient power system that could adapt and recover rapidly during grid shutdowns. Their journey led them to Lightwave Solar, where our experts were able to help them implement a solar energy solution that is beneficial and reasonably fits all their needs.

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Choosing Lightwave Solar

After comparing solar companies in the Nashville area, Chris said he ultimately chose Lightwave because of their “long, stable history, their expertise and their professionalism.” 

Implementing A Sustainable Solution 

With the help of Lightwave Solar, the Corbys implemented a 10.4kW solar system and three Tesla Powerwalls, which is now supplying the majority of their home’s electricity sustainably. 


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