TVA is accepting public comments on proposal to add new monthly fee

Published February 17, 2018

Now is the time to tell TVA you do not want a new monthly fee on your electric bills!

The Tennessee Valley Authority officially proposed adding a “Grid Access Charge” to the electric bills of households and businesses across the state, and the proposal will be voted on during the May board meeting, effective as soon as Oct 2018. TVA’s fee would be on top of the service fee already collected by your local power company with the exact amount for users not yet determined.

A Grid Access Charge from TVA is unprecedented and introduces a new mechanism for TVA to increase revenue outside of actual power consumption. This diminishes your ability to control your monthly electric bills. TVA plans to offset the monthly fee with reduced electric rates, effectively lowering the value of energy conservation, energy efficiency, and solar energy.

Read Knox News Sentinel article, “TVA asks for public comment on controversial rate change proposal”

We think it is a good thing that demand for electricity is flat and declining, even as we see growth in population and the economy. Generating less electricity while meeting demand means we will have less coal ash and spent nuclear fuel, and cleaner air.

TVA is accepting public comments until April 9. Please email your comments to the following individuals:

Karen Eagle [email protected] & Matthew Higdon [email protected]

Full TVA Proposal can be found here.