Case Study:

Interstate Packaging


White Bluff, TN

Project Size


Equipment Installed

REC solar panels & SunGrow inverters

Mounting Type

Ballasted & Flush Roof Mount

“With every expansion, we think about ways to innovate, reduce waste, and be thoughtful members of our community. We are pleased to be making some of our own power.” – Michael Doochin, Owner

Since 1969 Interstate Packaging has been partnering with its customers to produce innovative packaging concepts and help build brand recognition. In 2018 the family-owned business became the site of a 300 kilowatt (kW) solar PV system. Adding to an existing 50kW for a total of 350kW, Interstate Packaging has one of the largest rooftop solar arrays in Tennessee.

“We decided to fill up our roof with panels when we thought the cost of solar could not go any lower,” says Interstate Packaging Owner Michael Doochin. “We use a lot of energy, so we are very pleased to be making some of our own power,” he says.

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The system reduces Interstate Packaging’s electric costs by about $25,000 annually.

Interstate Packaging has a history of investing in their facility to reduce costs and make the company as environmentally sustainable as possible. Facility improvements include motion-activated & LED lighting, geothermal HVAC units, the total elimination of all routine hazardous waste products, and a closed-loop solvent processing and recycling system, just to name a few. Interstate Packaging even has beehives, and their campus is certified as an arboretum by the TN Urban Forestry Council.

“Since we started the business, we have expanded the building many times, “says Doochin. “With every expansion, we think about ways to innovate, reduce waste, and be thoughtful members of the White Bluff community,” he says.

LightWave Solar designed the solar system to maximize the available roof space, which has many vents, skylights and heating and cooling equipment. Since some of this equipment casts shadows, we left enough room to avoid shading the solar panels as well as to allow easy maintenance of HVAC equipment.

“The system design and installation went very smoothly and fit our tight timetable,” says Doochin.

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