Reliable Backup Power with Tesla Powerwall Storm Watch

Published February 10, 2022

Solar energy and battery storage systems power homes with cleaner energy every day and during grid failures. Batteries give homeowners more security and peace of mind, especially during severe weather. LightWave Solar often installs Tesla Powerwall home batteries for our clients because Powerwall provides high value in terms of storage capacity (13.5 kilowatt-hours per battery), expandability, and user-friendly features, such as Storm Watch. In this blog, we’ll discuss common questions associated with Storm Watch, such as:

  • What is Tesla Powerwall Storm Watch?
  • What weather events trigger Storm Watch?
  • Where can I find out more about Tesla Powerwall Storm Watch?

What is Tesla Powerwall Storm Watch?

Grid failures are often caused by severe weather, and one of the most appreciated features of Tesla Powerwall is Storm Watch. Storm Watch enables your solar energy + battery system to receive warnings from the National Weather System, specifically for storms associated with higher likelihoods of power outages. If a storm warning is detected in your area, Powerwall will immediately charge to 100% from solar energy (if available) or from the grid. That way, your batteries will be completely charged before a storm hits and ready for a grid outage if/when it occurs.

What Weather Events Trigger Storm Watch?

Tesla recently expanded their list of severe weather that activates Storm Watch. Storm Watch will activate when a weather event has advanced in severity and if one of the following warnings or watches has been issued in your local area:

  •   Thunderstorm or severe thunderstorm (warning)
  •   Tornado (warning)
  •   Wind (advisory)
  •   High wind (warning)
  •   Winter storm (warning)
  •   Ice storm (warning)
  •   Blizzard (warning)
  •   Snow squall (warning)
  •   Wind chill (warning)
  •   Red flag (warning)
  •   Hurricane (watch or warning)
  •   Tropical storm (watch or warning)

Storm Watch mode is optional and can easily be enabled/disabled at any time. Most system owners keep Storm Watch enabled at all times to ensure that if severe weather is predicted, they will have reliable backup power when they need it most.

Where Can I Find Out More About Tesla Powerwall Storm Watch?

To learn more about Tesla Powerwall and its Storm Watch feature, you can visit the official Tesla website as well as LightWave Solar’s website. Tesla provides more in-depth details about Storm Watch on their Storm Watch page. LightWave Solar will provide you with the Tesla Powerwall System Owner Support Document so you know exactly how to operate your system and its Storm Watch feature.  

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