Unveiling Metro Nashville’s Largest Solar Initiative to Date with Lightwave Solar

Published April 16, 2024

In a groundbreaking event on February 16th 2024, Nashville, TN Mayor Freddie O’ Connell, alongside Lightwave Solar’s CEO Chris Koczaja, flipped the switch for a major milestone in sustainable energy for Metro Nashville. The launch of this massive new solar project on Metro Water Services’ Omohundro campus represents a significant leap toward a more sustainable future for Nashville and marks another impressive Metro Nashville solar project installed by Lightwave Solar.  Read on to learn about how we ignited one of the largest solar installations in the city’s history.

An Impressive Leap for Nashville’s Renewable Energy Journey

Project Highlights

Capacity: Lightwave Solar’s latest installation has the capacity to generate 2.6 Megawatts(MW) of renewable energy. 

Impact: This marks Metro Water’s 8th solar project installation, enhancing their solar output to 4.414 MW across all installations, offsetting the energy of approximately 550 homes. 

City-Wide Influence: This project elevates Metro Nashville’s total solar capacity to 5.52 MW across 30 installations, underscoring the city’s ongoing commitment to expanding its renewable energy footprint.

Sustainable Growth for Nashville

As the city of Nashville continues to rapidly expand and flourish, the integration of renewable energy projects is crucial to aligning the city’s growth with environmental stewardship. 

Mayor O’Connell spoke at the unveiling, celebrating Nashville’s positive renewable energy direction: 

“I commend Metro Water Services for being a leader in decarbonizing the city’s operations. Projects like this one put us on the path to securing a clean and reliable energy future for our City. We look forward to many more similar projects. Freddie O’Connell, Nashville Mayor

Lightwave Solar is a Proud Trusted Source for Nashville’s Renewable Energy Efforts

This project could not have been possible without Lightwave Solar’s dedicated team of innovative designers and engineers, adept field technicians, and everyone else behind the scenes. With a long track record of building commercial and municipal solar projects and a commitment to making Nashville more sustainable for years to come, Lightwave Solar is excited to spearhead more solar initiatives in the future. 

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