Solar-powered tornado relief with Footprint Project

Published March 25, 2020

When tornados hit Middle Tennessee on March 3, Footprint Project geared up to provide fast solar powered relief. Footprint Project is a nonprofit that helps emergency responders deploy clean technologies that power immediate lifesaving efforts.

Within 12 hours of the storm, Footprint Project had coordinated the deployment of 3 mobile solar systems to assist hard hit areas in East Nashville, North Nashville and Putnam County. The mobile solar systems provided clean and renewable energy to over 1,200 people affected by the tornados – powering phones, wheelchairs, medical devices, lighting and refrigeration.

LightWave supported Footprint Project’s efforts including decommissioning damaged systems in the area so that salvagable solar panels and other parts could be reused on mobile solar systems for future relief efforts. Click on video image above to learn more!

See what Footprint Project has been doing to help communities in need here: