Solar Q&A with Local Business Owner

Published August 7, 2015

LightWave Solar sat down with Michael Phillips, owner of Ansbach Artisans in Franklin, Tennessee, who recently invested in solar for his business. LightWave Solar commissioned a 10 kilowatts (kW) solar system at his art gallery in June 2015.

LWS: Why did you decide to invest in solar?
MP: For me it was economics. I’ll never have to pay an electric bill again, and the electric company will owe me money each year. If you ask my wife, she will point to the environmental reasons. We lived in Germany for 12 years, and almost half the buildings have solar. It’s way of life there.

LWS: What do your customers think of the panels?
MP: They think it’s great! Some people stop in just because of the panels.

LWS: You received a USDA grant for your system. How would you describe that process?
MP: It couldn’t have been easier! You guys did all the work – all I had to do was sign. Plus, I wouldn’t have known about the grant if it weren’t for LightWave.

LWS: What would you tell other business owners who are thinking about investing in solar?
MP: Go for it! Install as many panels as you can afford and/or as many panels as the utility will allow! For us, the panels will pay for themselves in 4-6 years.

LightWave Solar installed 40 solar panels at Ansbach Artisans.
LightWave Solar installed 40 solar panels at Ansbach Artisans this summer.


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