Tesla Powerwall and Lumin Smart Panel Give Homeowners More Value

Published May 14, 2021

Most LightWave customers want at least 10kW of solar and two or more Tesla Powerwall batteries to back up their home’s entire 200-amp main breaker panel. However, many homeowners do not have the space for a large solar array or the budget to buy two Powerwalls at once. In the past, LightWave would install a critical loads sub-panel which one Powerwall can backup during grid outages, but downsides of a critical loads panel include less flexibility to expand the system in the future and costly re-wiring with little value added.

Now, LightWave offers an easily expandable one Tesla Powerwall system that features a Lumin Smart Panel. The Lumin Smart Panel attaches to your home’s existing breaker panel and connects to your largest circuits to provide more insight and control over your home’s energy use. The circuits connected to the Lumin automatically turn off in a grid outage to conserve the battery unless you have chosen to keep them “protected” or ‘on’ during an outage (such as your refrigerator).

During a grid outage, protected circuits as well as circuits not connected to the Lumin will remain on, and if you have enough solar or storage capacity to power one of your larger circuits, you can turn it on in the Lumin app. This system allows much more flexibility than a critical loads panel.

In early 2021 LightWave installed one red founder’s edition Tesla Powerwall with a Lumin Smart Panel for Denis and Martha Savouray in Franklin, Tennessee, photo below. LightWave had already installed their solar panels back in 2018. With the Powerwall and Lumin, the Savourays now have more control over their energy use and up to 13.5 kilowatt-hours of stored power during grid outages.

“Once we had the Powerwall installed, I couldn’t wait for the grid to go down,” Denis joked. “Then on our first day, we actually had a 10-minute outage. A couple weeks later, we had a 3-hour outage. It was awesome to have some power even though the grid was out,” Denis says.

The Lumin smart panel app provides circuit level insight into the Savourays home and electric cars’ energy use. They can see exactly how much energy each large appliance or room uses. In an outage, the largest circuits automatically turn off except for their refrigerator. If the Savourays want to use a circuit, and have sufficient battery charge, they simply turn it on in the app.

Snapshot of Savourays’ Lumin monitoring site shows circuit level insight and control of home energy use.

“I’m so impressed with the Lumin,” Denis says. “I even learned some appliances draw power when we aren’t using them,” he says. “We set a schedule to turn off/on certain circuits like the dishwasher and clothes washer. We have reduced our daily kWh usage by 34%,” he says.

LightWave can easily connect the Lumin Smart Panel to homes with more than one Powerwall to provide new circuit level home energy management. With more than one Powerwall, most, if not all, of the largest circuits in the Lumin could be protected in an outage.

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