USDA REAP Solar Grants for Small Rural Businesses

Published March 31, 2023

LightWave Solar helps eligible businesses apply for USDA REAP grants

Did you know that USDA’s Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) grants cover 50% of solar project costs for rural small businesses? In fact, small businesses in the rural midsouth can combine the USDA REAP grant and other federal tax incentives for commercial solar energy installations to cover over 90% of solar energy project costs within the first year of installation! In this blog, we’ll touch on everything you need to know about REAP grants for your rural small business, including:

  • What is a REAP grant?
  • Grant eligibility
  • Our grant application submission service

What is a REAP Grant?

USDA’s REAP program provides grant funding to rural small businesses for solar energy systems or equipment that improves energy efficiency. These grants help increase American energy independence, and over time, helps lower energy costs for small businesses.

Grant Eligibility

If you’re unsure about whether or not your rural small business is eligible for a USDA REAP grant, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your business located in a rural area? 
  • Does your business share a meter with a residence?
    • If your business shares a meter with a home , we would need to install a separate electric meter for your business and solar installation

If your business meets the criteria above, you can significantly cut down on the costs of your solar energy project by applying for the USDA REAP grant. REAP grant applications are awarded on a quarterly basis. The next application deadline is June 30, 2023 — we can help you submit your application!

Our Grant Submission Service

LightWave Solar has submitted over 100 REAP grant applications for our commercial solar energy customers, and we have a 97% approval record! Our in-house grant writer has the knowledge and experience to make the application process smooth and worthwhile. Save yourself time with our grant submission service and then save money on your solar energy solution!

Let LightWave Help Your Small Business

A solar energy system can be a great financial investment for many rural small businesses — especially with federal tax incentives and a USDA REAP grant. To submit a REAP grant application or get help determining your eligibility, book a consultation with Lightwave Solar today!

LightWave Solar helped Interstate Packaging in White Bluff, TN receive a USDA REAP grant for their 300kW system.